We would love to have this at our local bar! I would love to watch guys play this with couple of drinks. This is a enjoyable and fun game to play and I love to play this game. This is the raw game know as SnookBall it mix football and snooker… they call it snooker but in my opinion the ball looks more like a pool ball. .
Snookball is played on a giant table with players can walk on turf and the rules are the similar to normal pool but the big differences are the snookballs are made from football and guys kick the balls with legs instead of cue. snookball game to be a 2 player sport but 4 players can play on the snookball turf. Cue ball which is white is slightly heavy 450gm , it makes the play more charming and we believe the white cue ball is also bigger in pool ball. You can not imagine how fun it is.

snookball combo of pool and soccer

snook ball

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SnookBall is newly launched sport, a compositon of snooker and football, which elaborate the name as SnookBall. Players kick the ball with their feet instead of the traditional cue and use there skillset to spin the ball as the traditional snooker chalk for backspin or topspin to play dexterous trick shots.

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